Environment & Green Responsibility – Hotel Tigullio Royal Rapallo

Environment and green responsibility at Tigullio Royal

Strong commitment to redevelop structural component in an ecological way. In particular, until now, we..

  • Have adjust the traditional bulbs with most modern technologies such as LEDs and/or low power bulbs;
  • provide to separate waste collection in all the hotel department;
  • proceed to a periodical monitoring of air filtration systems;
  • installed solar panels those provides hot water throughout the structure;
  • Electronic keys permit not to waste electricity and heat in absence of guests;
  • involve guests in our ecological choices with simple but important measures to protect the environmental heritage.

Tigullio Royal Hotel has taken a sustainable identity, our guests can find in our structure a respectful, convenient, comfortable, relaxed and intelligent treatment of nature.

The careful attention to nature is at the same time attention to our guests.
This is our added value.