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Portofino, Levante’s pearl

At 7 miles from the Best Western Tigullio Royal Hotel, along the picturesque coast road, you will reach what is now the smallest and most typical Ligurian fishing village, Portofino.

Portofino is known to the world to be full of beauty and atmosphere that undoubtedly come from the homonymous marine reserve that develop from the village and cover the surface of up to 6 surrounding municipalities.
Portofino is located in the western part of the Gulf of Tigullio and has preserved a particular habitat that can be explored through scuba diving and guided tours by local people. Despite the small size of this country, it is characterized by the peculiarity of the place, recalling the history of Liguria in every street and back to a bygone era.

Do not miss the Brown Palace and Punta Chiappa Battery.

For information on tours to visit the village and how make it ask to the staff of Tigullio Royal Hotel !

Guided tours: from Rapallo to Portofino and San Fruttuoso

Rapallo and the Best Western Tigullio Royal Hotel enjoy a privileged position, that allow spectacular view over the Gulf of Tigullio and the possibility to visit all the Region Liguria, with all its picturesque corners that have made it known all around the word, with short journeys by car or public transportation.

The itinerary that allows you to reach Portofino and San Fruttuoso, two of the most rustic and traditional places in Liguria, is definitely one of the most beautiful, with its overview and the traditions that can be touched all around.

The Best Western Tigullio Royal Hotel organizes guided tours in these places that allow you to discover perfect corners of unspoiled nature in a comfortable way. In particular, there is a cruise to reach Portofino and San Fruttuoso.

At 200 meters from the Best Western Tigullio Royal Hotel in Rapallo, there is in fact a boarding boats from which you can take a cruise and get the bay of Portofino. The output also includes a stop on the mainland to discover the beauties of the country with a walk in the historic square until finally arriving at Faro Brown Castle, known throughout the world for its particular location.

The trip to San Fruttuoso take only a few minutes by boat. There you can visit the famous Abbey of St. Fruttuoso, the Tomb of the Doria and the Christ of the Abyss, the bronze sculpture from 1954, placed on the seabed of the bay of San Fruttuoso, precisely 15 meters deep. The statue was placed at that point under decision or Marcante Duilio, in memory of Darius Gonzatti, after he lost his life during a dive at this point. The statue is approximately 2.50 meters high and was built by sculptor Guido Galletti.

Also striking is the way back, that allows you to admire the view of the two villages from the sea, unique in the world.
Liguria is surely plenty of places to visit. To help you better organize your stay, Tigullio Royal Hotel offers you a selection of tours and excursions in nearby areas. Visiting the page on every trip you can also download a reminder to take with you!

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