Cinque Terre Hotel – Guided Tours by Hotel Tigullio Royal in Rapallo

Cinque Terre are certainly one of the most known and most fascinating places of all the Ligurian coast carrying another dimension made of sea time and respect, as well as old buildings and missed atmosphere.

Best Western Tigullio Royal Hotel put at your disposal the wonderful and typical marine places method to travel…. the boat.

Leaving from Rapallo by boat you can get from Monterosso to Riomaggiore where you can see and capture an overall view of the Cinque Terre unique, full of magic and frozen in time. The guided tour includes a walk into the well known Way of Love, where couples in love went walking looking for a magical atmosphere.
After a short break, the tourist can have a meal with typical Ligurian specialties at a bar located right in the middle of Cinque Terre where he can taste and enjoy the exclusive products of the earth and sea with an exceptional view directly overlooking the sea.

After enjoying the best lunch and have sufficiently admired the beautiful views to the scheduled visit by the Best Western Tigullio Royal Hotel Rapallo suddenly expected to be carried by train from Manarola to Corniglia where you can visit the village and then move back to the edge of a another train from Vernazza to Monterosso, where you can still see these places.

The return will then contemplate the inland areas with a train ride from Monterosso and Rapallo where your 4 star hotel will welcome you with a great dinner and an exceptional treatment.

Guided tours of the Best Western Hotel Tigullio Royal:

Porto Venere and scuba diving

One of the key attractions of the Liguria’s region is definitely the sea that here takes the name of the Ligurian Sea and the charm of the Mediterranean one.

Best Western Hotel Tigullio Royal propose an exclusive trip that include diving to explore the seabed in this area where it becomes full of surprises. Leaving from Rapallo and embarking on the quay near the Best Western Tigullio Royal Hotel in a few minutes you can reach the island of Palmaria, exclusive resort located within a regional nature reserve that provides spectacular scenery for those who love scuba diving.

The island of Palmaria, despite its reduced surface, is the largest of the archipelago of La Spezia and Portovenere is separated by a short stretch of sea that is not by chance called Boka. The others islands are Tino and Tinetto. The Island is part of the municipality of Porto Venere and, thanks to its special flora and fauna, part of the Regional Park with the same name.

There are many things not to miss in these territories, but certainly the most exclusive area that can be found is the one that refers to marine life, and in particular that can be found in the neighborhood of the island. A real pearl of beauty that, thanks to the careful protection, remains a privileged oasis. Ask to Best Western Hotel Tigullio Royal’s Staff a detailed map of where you can book them and how to dive!